The Java Power Plant is located in Banten Province, Java Island, Indonesia, with a total investment of 12 billion RMB and a total installed capacity of 2×1050MW. This project features coal-fired power generation units with a high designed annual operating hours in the Indonesian power industry. It also sets several world records for million-kilowatt-level thermal power units: possessing the world’s largest brown coal boiler (outputting 3100t/h, weighing 37,000t), largest capacity generator (1240MVA), largest capacity three-phase integrated transformer (1330MVA), largest medium-speed coal mill in power plants (108.59t/h), and largest power plant primary fan with a matching power of 4600KW.

During operation and storage, the coal yard of the power plant generates dust on windy days, causing environmental pollution and material losses. The project adopts wind control and dust suppression technology-windbreak dust suppression walls. When strong winds pass through these walls, they create interfering airflows behind the walls, thereby reducing wind speed and significantly lowering the dust-carrying capacity of the wind. The product utilizes a “modular” design approach with factory processing and on-site assembly using bolt connections, significantly reducing construction time, achieving remarkable dust suppression effects, and substantially saving on transportation costs.