Air Disinfection & Purification Machine

  • Two models: FAST-Y-90A-M (Purification volume: 6000m³ per hour); FAST-Y-90A-L (Purification volume: 10000m³ per hour).
  • Triple antivirus purification methods: High voltage electrostatic field + Purification system + Ultraviolet tunnels
  • High disinfection and purification rate: 6000-10000m³ per hour.
  • Effective disinfection and purification: The virus killing rate 99.9%, and the sterilization rate 99.9%.
  • LCD display
  • Intelligent remote control via APP / PC client
  • Big data platform
  • Customization

Negative Pressure Quarantine Cabin

  • Disinfection and purification technology: high voltage electrostatic field + UVC disinfection +
    Activated carbon filtration
  • High ventilation efficiency: More than 30 times air changes per hour inside the cabin
  • Effective disinfection and purification: The virus killing rate can reach 99.99%, and the
    sterilization rate can reach 99.99%
  • Touch-screen display, intelligent management, remote control, statistical analysis of collected data

Temperature Measuring & Disinfection Station

  • Temperature measurement and disinfection process: infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement + non-contact induction hand disinfection + shoe
    sole and chest-below disinfection process
  • Disinfection method: The disinfection aerosol is controlled below the chest and will not cause injury to the exposed skin and
    mucous membranes of the personnel
  • Remote control through APP / PC client
  • Data can be bound to the identity of temperature-measuring person through facial recognition and QR code/bar code scanning
  • Generate reports by big data platform