Air Disinfection & Purification Machine

  • Two models: FAST-Y-90A-M (Purification volume: 6000m³ per hour); FAST-Y-90A-L (Purification volume: 10000m³ per hour).
  • Triple antivirus purification methods: High voltage electrostatic field + Purification system + Ultraviolet tunnels
  • High disinfection and purification rate: 6000-10000m³ per hour.
  • Effective disinfection and purification: The virus killing rate 99.9%, and the sterilization rate 99.9%.
  • LCD display
  • Intelligent remote control via APP / PC client
  • Big data platform
  • Customization

Negative Pressure Quarantine Cabin

  • Three models: ARK-S2000-S; ARK-S2000-M; ARK-S2000-L
  • Ventilation purification system: Double disinfection, no filter element replacement, no waste disposal risk and cost.
  • Negative pressure ventilation system
  • Remote control via APP / PC client
  • Ventilation frequency: 25~30 times/hour
  • Disinfection: ultraviolet disinfection of the roof, remote intelligent control,
    timing and quantitative control, no need to enter the cabin switch.
  • Big data platform: it can collect and statistics cabin personnel’s body temperature,
    air temperature, humidity, negative pressure volume, the amount of air disinfection and purification,
    the number of air changes, air quality, the time and frequency of disinfection in the cabin, etc., and generate reports on demand.
  • The LCD module: temperature, humidity, negative pressure value, the amount of air disinfection and purification, the number of air changes,
    air Quality, the time and frequency of disinfection in the cabin, etc.
  • Low noise design: <55db
  • Multi-function modules in the cabin can be selected according to the requirement.

Temperature Measuring & Disinfection Station

  • Two models: FAST-Y-90S-S; FAST-Y-90S-M.
  • Temperature measurement and disinfection process: infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement + non-contact induction hand disinfection + shoe sole and chest-below disinfection process.
  • Disinfection method: The disinfection aerosol is controlled below the chest and will not cause injury to the exposed skin and mucous membranes of the personnel.
  • Prevent air convection to affect the disinfection effect: the use of non-contact gates and intelligent switches will not cause the risk of secondary infection.
  • Spray start method: infrared ON-OFF switch, open when someone passes by, and close automatically when there is no one around.
  • Remote control through APP / PC client.
  • Data can be bound to the identity of temperature-measuring person through facial recognition and QR code/bar code scanning.
  • Generate reports by big data platform.
  • Level alarm of disinfectant liquid: alarm for low level of disinfectant tank.
  • Customization.