The Shenhua Guohua Indonesia South Sumatra 1# 2×350MW coal-fired power plant new construction project is located in Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia, at the northeast corner of the PT LPE C160 mining area. It is approximately 78km northeast from the Betung substation and about 5.3km north from the S.lematang River. It is also around 3.7km from the Sumatra Island National Railway and provincial highways. The area falls under a tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons.

During operation and storage, the coal yard of the power plant generates dust on windy days, causing environmental impacts and material losses.

The primary measure adopted for wind control and dust suppression in this project is the implementation of semi-enclosed technology for the coal yard. This involves constructing covered coal sheds and installing rigid windbreak dust suppression walls at both ends of the sheds. The rigid windbreak dust suppression walls consist of supporting structures and dust suppression nets. The height of the windbreak dust suppression nets is approximately 17 meters. The product utilizes a “modular” design approach with factory processing and on-site assembly using bolt connections, significantly reducing construction time, achieving remarkable dust suppression effects, and substantially saving on transportation costs.