The Song Long 2×300MW thermal power plant project is located in DeE Village, Lien Luong Commune, Hiep Hoa District, Guang Ning Province, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, near the coastline. During operation and storage, the coal yard of the power plant generates dust on windy days, causing environmental impacts and material losses.

The main measure adopted for wind control and dust suppression in this project is the implementation of enclosed technology for the coal yard. This involves constructing covered coal sheds and installing windbreak dust suppression walls at both ends of the sheds. This approach not only addresses the dust pollution issue but also avoids ventilation problems associated with full enclosure. The dust pollution control project was completed in August 2017, utilizing a “modular” design approach with factory processing and on-site assembly using bolt connections. This approach significantly reduced construction time, achieved remarkable dust suppression effects, and substantially saved on transportation costs.