Situated in Giong Cheng Commune, Kinh Mon City, Hai Duong Province, Vietnam, the Vietnam Haiyang 2×600,000 kW coal-fired power plant has entered the final sprint phase before the commissioning of Unit 2. The clean and bright modern industrial buildings, nestled among green mountains and rivers, have become a beautiful landscape along the Jing Shi River.

The Haiyang Power Plant in Vietnam is jointly invested in by China Energy Construction Group Limited and Malaysia’s Jayash Construction Company, with a total investment of nearly $1.9 billion. It is a key project of the national “Belt and Road” initiative. After completion, it is expected to generate an annual electricity output of 8.1 billion kWh, meeting the demand for load development in Haiyang, Hanoi, and other surrounding areas. It will strongly support Vietnam’s social and economic development, demonstrating the leading advantages and strong capabilities of “China’s design” and “China’s construction.”

As a professional enterprise specializing in controlling dust pollution from open-air bulk material yards, Shang Feng Technology Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for the coal transportation system windproof and dust suppression wall project at the Haiyang Power Plant in Vietnam. The project adopts wind suppression and dust control technology, which generates interfering airflows, thereby attenuating the kinetic energy of the wind and significantly reducing the dust-carrying capacity of the wind, achieving a dust suppression rate of over 80%. The product adopts a “building block” modular design, with factory processing and on-site assembly, greatly saving construction time.