The newly constructed Changgan High-Speed Railway, also known as the Changji-Gan Passenger Dedicated Line, connects Nanchang City and Ganzhou City in Jiangxi Province. It is a significant part of the “Beijing-Hong Kong (Taiwan) Corridor” within the “Eight Vertical and Eight Horizontal” high-speed railway main corridors outlined in the “Mid-to-Long-Term Railway Network Plan.” The total length of the line is 419.6 kilometers, with a designed speed of 350 km/h. The Changgan High-Speed Railway officially commenced operations on December 26, 2019.

Located in the south-central part of Jiangxi Province, the railway connects the provincial capital Nanchang in the north with the major city of Ganzhou in the south. The line starts from the Nanchang hub, extending south along the existing Beijing-Kowloon Railway corridor, passing through Fengcheng and Zhangshu in Yichun City, and several areas in Ji’an City including Xingan, Xiajiang, Jishui, Ji’an, Taihe, and Wan’an, and continues from Xingguo through Gannan to Ganzhou.

In 2018, our company undertook the supply project for 22 kilometers of sound barriers for the Changgan High-Speed Railway. After the completion of the sound barrier project, the newly constructed railway’s outer track center at 30 meters meets the modified standards specified in “Railway Boundary Noise Limits and Measurement Methods” (GB12525-90), with daytime limits of 70 dBA and nighttime limits of 60 dBA. This improvement significantly enhanced the environmental quality of sensitive areas along the railway.