The Chongqing Rail Transit Loop Line Phase II (Shanghao to Chongqing West) project starts from Shanghao Station and runs clockwise, passing through Haitangxi, Luojiaba, Silingli, Dashilu, the south side of E’gongyan Bridge’s track-exclusive bridge over the Yangtze River, Xiejia Wan, Olympic Sports Center, Chenjiaping, Erlang, and Huolong Avenue to its terminus, Chongqing West Station. The total length of the line is approximately 18.333 kilometers. The Chongqing Rail Transit Loop Line Phase II project was approved by the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government to be constructed under the BT mode. In October 2018, our company undertook the supply and installation of sound barriers and anti-throw nets for the “Nanhu to Haixia Road section” and the “Haixia Road to E’gongyan Bridge section”. The total length of the fully enclosed sound barrier is 235.2 meters. The steel structure adopts a truss structure, with curved columns on both sides (using cold-formed steel bending technology), and a middle span of 15.4 meters; metal sound barriers are used at both ends of the screen, and endurance plates are used on the top. The total length of the anti-throw net is 210 meters, using stainless steel anti-throw net. The project is adjacent to residential areas, and the setting of the sound barrier has greatly reduced the noise disturbance to residents along the railway during train operation, ensuring that the surrounding noise levels meet the environmental noise standards required by the local environmental protection department. At the same time, the fully enclosed barrier and anti-throw net effectively prevent high-altitude debris from falling into the track area, ensuring the safety of train operation while meeting the lightingrequirements inside the track.