The windproof and dust control wall project at Datang Xiangtan Power Plant, undertaken by the company in 2016, is located in the Gaoxin District of Xiangtan City, Hunan Province. The windproof and dust control walls are arranged around the #1 and #2 bucket wheel stacking yards, with a total length of approximately 1800 meters and a height of 18 meters. Four conveyor belt passages are retained in the #1 yard, while five are retained in the #2 yard, along with four sliding gates to meet the mechanical access requirements of the yards. The steel columns of the windproof and dust control wall are spaced 6 meters apart, and the steel supports adopt a lattice structure, with the main steel material being steel pipes and the anti-corrosion treatment being hot-dip galvanizing. The windproof and dust control panels are made of aluminum-zinc plated sheets, connected to the steel frame using screws and pressure plates. After the project implementation, it effectively controlled the direct unorganized emissions of the coal yard, reducing the pollution of the coal yard dust to the nearby Xiang River and surrounding residential areas, and also reducing the resource loss caused by dust emissions for the power plant.