Guangzhou Metro Line 14 is a subway line within Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. The main line starts from Jiahe Wanggang Station, passing through Baiyun District and Conghua District, and terminates at Dongfeng Station. The Knowledge City Line starts from Xinhe Station, passes through Baiyun District and Huangpu District, and terminates at Zhenlong Station. It roughly forms a “reverse Y-shaped” route, with a total length of 76.3 kilometers.

The company is undertaking the construction of the ancillary noise reduction equipment project for the elevated track of Phase I of Guangzhou Metro Line 14. The noise reduction coefficient is ≥0.75, and the weighted sound insulation amount is ≥25dB. After the project is implemented, it can improve the sound environment quality of the subway and its surroundings, reaching the subway noise emission standards.