Ma Wan Power Plant is located on the eastern bank of the Pearl River estuary in Guangdong Province, adjacent to Ma Wan Port in the South China Sea Petroleum Development Zone in the western part of Shenzhen City. The construction of the power plant is divided into three phases, with a total installed capacity of 4×320MW + 2×330MW = 1940 MW. The coal unloading and storage systems are shared by the entire plant. The existing coal storage facilities consist of two open-air rectangular coal yards and four concrete cylindrical coal storage tanks with a diameter of 22 meters each. The area of the open-air rectangular coal yard is approximately 600×100 meters, and the current open-air coal yard is fully enclosed using a dry coal shed method, measuring 520 meters in length and 116 meters in width.

After the closure of the coal yard, ventilation was poor, resulting in high dust concentration and temperature inside the warehouse, posing risks of dust explosions and occupational health and safety hazards to workers. Particularly in the summer, with high temperatures, the temperature inside the warehouse exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, and the high dust concentration creates a harsh working environment, making workers prone to heatstroke, pneumoconiosis, and otherr occupational diseases.

The installation of a wind curtain-type ventilation belt has facilitated ventilation and the exchange of indoor and outdoor heat, effectively preventing coal dust from spilling over, enhancing ventilation inside the coal warehouse, reducing dust concentration inside the warehouse, effectively preventing the risk of dust explosions, improving the working environment inside the warehouse, and achieving the goal of zero dust emissions.