Pingdingshan Yaomeng Power Generation Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yaodian Company) is located in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, known as the “Coal City of the Central Plains,” situated by the beautiful Pingxi Lake. It currently operates three 300MW units and two 630MW units, with a total installed capacity of 2160MW. However, due to the open-air coal yard, there is significant coal dust pollution, especially during windy weather, causing substantial pollution to the surrounding environment and material losses.

The transformation of the open-air stockyard into a fully enclosed structure can effectively prevent dust pollution to the air. However, this transformation needs to be carried out without affecting the normal operation of coal yard equipment and the daily operation of the power plant, presenting a challenging obstacle for everyone involved.

Shang Feng Technology employs independently developed large-span tire mold technology, enabling the assembly of bolted mesh truss structures through tire mold movement. This approach solves the problem of traditional construction methods impacting daily production. With the tire mold moving and simultaneously assembling steel structures and roofs, the construction speed is significantly accelerated, greatly shortening the construction period.