The Caofeidian Phase III project is located in the Huaneng Coal Yard in Caofeidian, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, near the Bohai Sea. It is often affected by 7 to 8 level winds from the nearby coastal areas, leading to material loss and environmental pollution in the coal yard. The windproof and dust control wall constructed by the company has a length of approximately 2.6 kilometers and a height of 23 meters. After the installation of the windproof walls around the plant area, it effectively reduces the wind speed of the incoming airflow, greatly reduces the kinetic energy of the incoming airflow, and reduces the turbulence of the wind, eliminating the eddies of the incoming airflow. It also reduces the shear stress and pressure on the surface of the coal pile, thereby reducing the dust emission rate from the pile. At the same time, the dust generated by loading and unloading operations is effectively blocked by the downstream dust barrier, achieving the desired dust suppression effect and significantly improving the environmental conditions in the plant area.