The Shaanxi Shenhua Fuping Thermal Power Plant Noise Reduction Project is located within the Fuping County, Shaanxi Province. During the operation of the thermal power plant, excessive noise has been affecting the normal lives of nearby residents. Therefore, noise reduction measures were implemented in eight major areas of the plant, including the induced draft fan, forced draft fan, air compressor, intercooling tower, and mechanical ventilation cooling tower. Our company utilized metal noise reduction panels to address the noise issues of the equipment without affecting their operation. Exhaust outlets were designed to ensure the normal heat dissipation function of the equipment, and maintenance doors were installed to facilitate regular maintenance by workers. After the completion of the project, the noise levels of the equipment complied with the current Industrial Enterprise Noise Hygiene Standards, Industrial Enterprise Noise Control Design Specifications, and other relevant standards and specifications. The plant boundary noise meets the Class 4 and Class 3 standards of the Industrial Enterprise Boundary Environmental Noise Emission Standards (GB12348-2008), while the noise-sensitive points around the plant meet the Class 2 standards of the Ambient Noise Quality Standards (GB3096-2008).