Air Disinfection & Purification Machine

  • Two models: FAST-Y-90A-M (Purification volume: 6000m³ per hour); FAST-Y-90A-L (Purification volume: 10000m³ per hour).
  • Triple antivirus purification methods: High voltage electrostatic field + Purification system + Ultraviolet tunnels
  • High disinfection and purification rate: 6000-10000m³ per hour.
  • Effective disinfection and purification: The virus killing rate 99.9%, and the sterilization rate 99.9%.
  • LCD display
  • Intelligent remote control via APP / PC client
  • Big data platform
  • Customization


  • It is suitable for large spaces such as airports, subway stations, railway stations, large shopping malls, shopping centers, bars, schools, convention centers, residential apartments, office buildings, etc.

Technical Advantages

  • Triple anti-virus purification: High voltage electrostatic field + ultra high dose ultraviolet disinfection +Purification system.
  • Ultra-high disinfection and purification efficiency: Disinfection and purification of air per hour 6000-10000m³
  • Outstanding disinfection and purification effect: The virus killing rate reached 99.9%, and the sterilization rate reached 99.9%.
  • Touch screen display, intelligent management, remote control, intelligent data analysis powered by system. It can realize touch screen switch, remote control of app, statistical analysis of antivirus status with big data in the system, and the formation of reports.

Technical Principles

  • Using High-pressure Electrostatic Field Capture + Ultraviolet + Purification system Filtering Triple Disinfection and Purification Technology, when the air is drawn into the disinfection chamber, first of all, the high-voltage electrostatic field generates a corona discharge to ionize the air, crushing viruses and bacteria encapsulation, and microorganisms are trapped in the electric field Killed. At the same time, the specially designed high-efficiency, high-strength and long-life UVC band ultraviolet light is used in the disinfection chamber to irradiate various viruses, bacteria and other pathogens captured by the dust board with high-dose ultraviolet radiation to destroy the DNA in the cells of the microbial organism ( The molecular structure of deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) causes growth cell death and / or regenerative cell death, and directly kills various deposited viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Finally, Purification system works for filtration, and clean air is discharged without ozone release and ultraviolet leakage hazard.

Certification and Inspection

  • Passed the EU CE certification
  • Passed China CCC certification
  • Passed the certification of China Environmental Product Mark
  • The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification of the British Royal Accreditation Agency (UKAS)
  • The company passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification of the British Royal Accreditation Agency (UKAS)




Dimensions (W x H x D)FAST-Y-90A-M: 2670 x 1695 x 1055 mm

FAST-Y-90A-L: 2670 x 2010 x 1055 mm

Control modeIntelligent Remote Control via APP / PC client
Ventilation systemTriple disinfection & purification system
Purification Volume6000~10000 m³/hour
LCD displayTemperature, humidity, pm2.5, pm10, TVOC,  air purification volume, failure  and maintenance tips.
Big data platformThe platform can generate statistical report, including all parameters on LCD.
Disinfection rate99.9%
Power consumptionFAST-Y-90A-M: <2kw


Voltage & FrequencyAC220V, 50HZ (AC110V, 60HZ and other power standard can be customized)
ColorMatte Black, Milky White+Yellow, Milky White+Vermilion, Milky White+RoyalBlue
Disinfection and purification processUsing high-voltage electrostatic field capture disinfection + ultraviolet disinfection double disinfection Advanced technology, no filter element, no waste disposal cost of bacteria-containing filter element, and no risk of secondary bacterial infection during replacement treatment.Using filter element to filter and adsorb viruses without disinfection and killing, the filter cartridges need to be replaced frequently. Bacterial-containing filter cartridges are hazardous waste and require professional institutions to deal with. The treatment cost is high, and there is a risk of infection when replacing. A few use electrostatic dust removal + activated carbon filtration, no UV disinfection.
Air disinfection & purification capacity6000-10000m3/hour200-1000m3/hour
ApplicationLarge space and super space Terminals, train stations, hospitals, exhibition halls, museums, service halls, schools, venues, hotels, shopping centers, supermarkets, cinemas, office buildings, office buildings, etc.Small space Family living room, bedroom, office, etc.
Control method Touch screen, remote control by App and PC clientManual switch control
Data platformSummarizing the statistics of indoor temperature, humidity, pm2.5, pm10, Tvoc, indoor air disinfection and purification volume, faults and maintenance prompts, etc., and generate reports on demandN/A
LCD display Indoor temperature, humidity, pm2.5, pm10, Tvoc, indoor air disinfection and purification capacity, faults and maintenance tips, etc.N/A
Multi-scene color design(Customization) The appearance is designed by a famous designer, and the color style of multiple scenes is optionalFixed color
Multi-scale disinfection and purification capacity(Customization)A wide range of options 6000-10000m³ / hour.

M-type: 6000m³ / hour, suitable for air disinfection and purification in large spaces;

L-type: 10000m³ / hour, suitable for air disinfection and purification of large spaces.

Limited range: 200-1500m³/hour

Air Disinfection and Purification System




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