Temperature Measurement & Disinfection Station

  • Two models: FAST-Y-90S-S; FAST-Y-90S-M.
  • Temperature measurement and disinfection process: infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement + non-contact induction hand disinfection + shoe sole and chest-below disinfection process.
  • Disinfection method: The disinfection aerosol is controlled below the chest and will not cause injury to the exposed skin and mucous membranes of the personnel.
  • Prevent air convection to affect the disinfection effect: the use of non-contact gates and intelligent switches will not cause the risk of secondary infection.
  • Spray start method: infrared ON-OFF switch, open when someone passes by, and close automatically when there is no one around.
  • Remote control through APP / PC client.
  • Data can be bound to the identity of temperature-measuring person through facial recognition and QR code/bar code scanning.
  • Generate reports by big data platform.
  • Low liquid-level alarm of disinfectant tank
  • Customization.


  • Railway stations, subway stations, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping centers, schools, enterprises, residential areas and other places.

Major Functions

  • A. Body temperature measurement
  • The temperature measuring system adopts infrared thermal imaging thermometer, which can automatically test the temperature of people entering and leaving. The station will start voice alarm or manual recheck prompt once abnormal measured body-temperature is detected. The temperature measurement data and the temperature measurement person’s identity can be bound by face recognition or barcode scanning, and the acquired data system can generate reports.
  • B. Disinfection
  • B.1 Hand disinfection: Small non-contact induction hand disinfection machine is installed on the opposite side of temperature measuring module.
  • B.2 Sole disinfection: the lower part of the temperature measurement and disinfection station is a disinfection blanket soaked with disinfectant, which mainly disinfects the soles of people entering and exiting.
  • B.3 Disinfection below waist: Both sides of the temperature measurement and disinfection station are disinfectant spray systems, which mainly disinfect the entry and exit personnel below the waist.

Technical Principles

  • The dual-spectrum imaging camera with infrared thermal image and visible light image is installed in the entry and exit channel, allowing the lens to look directly at the entrance of the channel. The temperature measuring camera carries out online real-time temperature measurement for the exposed parts of the face, forehead and other body parts of the people passing by.
  • The strong oxidation of hypochlorous acid series disinfectant can inhibit and destroy the protein of the virus shell, oxidize its nucleic acid, thus killing the virus. Strong atomization effect can guarantee full coverage of chest below.


  • FAST-Y-90S-S(Gate-Type)
  • FAST-Y-90S-M (Channel type)

Practical application case

  • Beijing Hubei Building
  • Harbin Railway Station
  • Shanghai train station
  • Yichang First People’s Hospital
  • Huanggang Central Hospital
  • Xiangyang Railway Station
  • Shiyan Taihe Hospital
  • Xiaogan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
  • Xiaogan Epidemic Prevention Command Center
  • Huaxia Institute of Technology
  • Wuhan University
  • Qingchuan College of Wuhan University
  • Xi’an Ninth Hospital
  • Guangzhou Railway Group
  • Beijing Farm The first new share capital hotel
  • Taiyuan Public Security Bureau Xiaodian Branch
  • International:Saudi Arabian Enterprises

Certification and Inspection

  • Passed the EU CE certification
  • Passed China CCC certification
  • Tested by CAS Testing agency.
  • The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification of the British Royal Accreditation Agency (UKAS)
  • The company passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification of the British Royal Accreditation Agency (UKAS)


Dimensions (W x H x D)1500 x 2100 x 600 mm1500 x 2100 x 2600 mm
ThermometerNon-contact infrared thermography thermometer Integrated displayNon-contact infrared thermography thermometer Integrated display
Temperature alarm systemThe station will start voice alarm once abnormal measured body temperature is detected.The station will start voice alarm once abnormal measured body temperature is detected. The abnormal data will be counted into report in background.
Hand disinfectionSmall non-contact induction hand disinfection machine.Small non-contact induction hand disinfection machine.
Other parts disinfectionSole disinfectionSole and below the waist
Disinfection blanket colorGreyRed、Blue、Grey
Disinfectant75% Medical alcohol; Chlorine-containing / Peroxidation disinfectant75% Medical alcohol; Chlorine-containing / Peroxidation disinfectant
Control modeManualManual / APP / PC
Voltage & FrequencyAC220V, 50HZ (AC110V, 60HZ and other power standard can be customized)AC220V, 50HZ (AC110V, 60HZ and other power standard can be customized)
Total power<1.8 kw<1.8 kw
Weight150 kg800 kg
Station colorOptionalOptional
LightingLED tape lightLED tape light
Spray on-off switchN/AInfrared on-off switch
InstallationN/AMobile. Lockable Universal Wheel
Atomization modeN/AUltrasonic atomization, Atomized particles 1-10μm.
Liquid level alarmN/AWhen the liquid level is low, the alarm will be activated both on the station and APP/PC.
Temperature measurement & disinfection processInfrared thermal imaging temperature measurement + non-contact induction hand disinfection + disinfection of soles and below the chest.Most use temperature measurement + disinfectant aerosol disinfection.
Disinfection methodThe disinfection aerosol is equipped below the chest level and will not harm the exposed skin and mucous membranes of personnel.The full cabin disinfection aerosol will cause some damage to the exposed skin and mucous membranes
Effect of air convection preventionThe use of non-contact gates and intelligent switches does prohibits the chance of secondary infection.The use of transparent plastic door curtains requires manual opening by personnel, and there is a risk of secondary infection.
Spray switchInfrared switch, turn on when someone passes, and turn off automatically when there is no one.Manully
Control methodNon-contact remote control, which can be controlled remotely via App and PC clientManully
Identity recognitionBinding the data to the person’s identity through face recognition, scanning QR code, barcode, etc.N/A
Data platformAutomatically generates reportN/A
Disinfectant level alarmWater tank alarmN/A
Multi-scene color(Customization)Professional station appearance design. Variety of scene color styles for option.Fixed color

Temperature Measurement Sterilization Station




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